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After months, perhaps almost a full year of planning it is time to pack up and move away from the Kansas City home you've spent years in.

You know this house like the back of your hand and are familiar with corner and crack, creek in the floor and color of paint.

Your neighbors, your friends that you have known for years have been silently dreading this day but they know it must come and your family is there to help you pack and to see you off as you begin the move with help from Kansas City movers to your new home.

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do, but it must be done. Even if you intend to see someone soon closure is important and you want to make sure that it is provided not just for yourself but for everyone.

It is best to plan to start your goodbyes long before you make your residential move. Having a non stop emotional exit will not be good for you and it will make it much harder to leave and if you are surrounded by too many people at one time this emotional affair can become quite out of hand.

In order to avoid any emotional gaps make "dates" with people, family and friends, that allow for a good amount of time to talk, reminisce and to simply spend time together.

A good idea before a move would be to have lunch dates set up with those you wish to say goodbye to. It can be a nice, but informal lunch at either persons home or you can meet at a favorite restaurant.

With co-workers you can also plan for a big lunch send off before you leave. This will help everyone say goodbye and let you know how much they appreciated working with you and being your friend.

For family moments plan a barbeque or a get together where you can all have fun. Eating is a great excuse to not feel sad and by having a bit of a party atmosphere you can be sure that the memories everyone takes with them are good ones.

If you have children you should be sensitive to the fact that they will be saying goodbye to friends they may have known their whole lives in Kansas City or there good school pals and you will want to allow them time for their goodbyes, as well.

Let them bring snacks to school during that last week so they can enjoy the time with their friends, perhaps even invite their friends over for a going away party that can be fun for them all, again, providing special and enjoyable memories rather than sad ones. Everyone will appreciate this.

When you have gotten around to saying your goodbyes it will be time to close the door on your beloved old home and get help you need with long-distance movers. Take a little time to remember the good things that have occurred in this home and know that you will be able to create fun and special experiences in your new one, too.

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